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Arizona Pain Specialists

Head congestion may be caused by an infection, sinus conditions or allergies. When blood vessels in the lining of your nose swell, your nose becomes stuffy and you may experience difficulty breathing. Head congestion may also cause your ears to become congested, which may result in muffled sounds and hearing loss. You may also lose […]

Its Types And Treatments

Low back pain and sciatica are related. Back pain could have many manifestations and sciatica is just one of them. Pretty contrary to famous belief that sciatica is a cause of lower back pain, sciatica is instead a form of back pain itself. Sciatica is caused as a result of the inflammation of the sciatic […]

Arch Foot Pain

Can it be fixed? Not sure but at least he is aware of it so when he gets tired, he can focus on his foot fall and not get too lazy with that leg. When we begin to tire, our form gets sloppy and if there is a weakness, that’s what tends to get over […]